How It Helps You Make Better Choices!

Complicated Decisions Have Complicated Decision Factors!

HMD is a FREE decision service that gives clarity to tough decisions!

Every so often, life confronts us with a big decision that has the power to change the trajectory of our life.

You know them: Should you quit your job, get married, move, start a business, which college -- gigantic decisions that will cascade into a new unfolding chapter in your life.

But how do you know which decision is right? Which decision will lead to happiness and which might lead to peril?

HMD can give you the clarity you need.

HMD works by isolating the decision factors relevant to your decision.

For example, if you're considering a move to Phoenix from Chicago, your decision factors my be: Cost of living, weather, crime, school system, entertainment, family and friends, and job market. You might not know it, but each one of these factors hold a particular weight in your decision making process. Either consciously or subsconsciously, you assign a weight to each factor. For example, if your family is your #1 priority, you would weight that factor heavily. Conversely, if your children are nearing adulthood, a "school system" as a factor might weigh weakly.

HMD asks that you isolate these factors, weigh them, and then rate them. The calculation does the rest yielding a decision that speaks clarity. The better choice is simply the larger number.

Got a big decision? Get clarity today.